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traditional recurve bows

Damon Howatt has been known as the #1 best traditional recurve bow for over 85 years

Why Choose a Recurve Bow?

Recurve bows offer excellent accuracy while offering great power and speed. The retainment of speed and power at lower draw weights make the recurve bow one of the most popular bow styles within traditional archery. Recurve bows are also the most versatile bow and have a more aggressive appearance due to the outer limb tip curves. Recurves may be preferred by hunters due to their increased reflex/deflex causing greater speeds and power.

Why Is Damon Howatt the Best Recurve Bow?

Since 1938, we've been making the most iconic, unique and eye-catching bows which has set an industry standard for the best recurve bows ever made. This legacy now leaves us as the oldest traditional-only focused manufacturer in the world. It all started with a passion to make high performance bows with incredibly fast speed and accuracy while maintaining world renown quality and craftsmanship. This same passion continues to lead us as it has for over 85 years. Damon Howatt bows are truly the gold standard of traditional archery and we know you'll agree the moment you take the shot!

How Is A Damon Howatt Recurve Bow Made?

For over 85-years Damon Howatt has continued to pioneer the hand-crafted methods that make each bow unique. Unlike other recurve bows that are made using inferior methods, each Damon Howatt bow begins with high quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Each bow is a labor of love and each piece could tell a story. Each recurve bow starts with raw wood, laminated together to form riser blocks which are then fused using specialized formulations of glue in a high compression bow press with ceramic heating inlays to increase longevity. After this each bow is pressed, the hand-shaping process begins. Templates that date back 60+ years on many of our models are then used to trace out the final outline. Custom equipment is then used to form the bow into a masterpiece that looks good on the wall, range, or in the wild. The hand-crafted nature of our bows might take longer, but you know you have a unique piece of functional art when you see the process each bow goes through. This is just one of the many aspects that makes Damon Howatt your premier traditional bow choice, just see for yourself and watch the video below!

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