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Recurve Bows vs. Longbows

Which traditional bow style is best for you?

If you're trying to determine what style of traditional bow is right for you, we've got some pointers that may help you to choose the correct bow style! Traditional archery is fun, challenging and addicting which makes it the preferred style of archery vs. compound bows, but which style is traditional bows suits you best?

Traditional Recurve Bows

Recurve bows offer excellent accuracy while offering great power and speed. The retainment of speed and power at lower draw weights make the recurve bow one of the most popular bow styles within traditional archery. Recurve bows are versatile and have a more aggressive appearance due to the outer limb tip curves. Recurves may be preferred by hunters due to their increased reflex/deflex causing greater speeds and power.

Traditional Longbows

Longbows feature more clean lines, straighter limb designs. Longbows are excellent for field shooting, 3D archery, target shooting and just casual shooting. Longbows in many circumstances can also be used for serious hunting as a more raw form of traditional archery. Longbows can be easier for many archers due to less fatigue on fingers and joints. If you're looking for an option with reduced string torque, longbows may be the best forgiving option.

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