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traditional recurve bows & longbows

The ultimate traditional bows hand-crafted by Damon Howatt

traditional longbows

Traditional Recurve bows vs. Longbows

If you're looking for the most addictive, raw and real archery experience, look no further than traditional archery! If you're a beginner and looking for a more accurate and easier to shoot traditional bow we recommend the traditional recurve bow. Traditional recurve bows also tend to have more of a "point & shoot" feel which can create a more enjoyable experience for advanced shooters and beginners alike. However the traditional longbow may tend to distribute the pulling weight over a greater area of the limbs creating a unique and more raw archery experience vs. recurve bows that can be more forgiving and very enjoyable for archers of all experience levels.

Traditional longbows and recurves contain an element of instinct-driven shooting that no other compound bow can ever achieve. When it comes to accuracy, both traditional longbows and recurve bows are equally accurate to shoot with practice. It is important to remember that it's all about an archers skill level, but when you choose Damon Howatt, you elevate the entire experience!

More about Damon Howatt

For over 85 years Damon Howatt has designed and produced some of the best recurve bows, the best traditional longbows and archery products. Since 1938, we've poured countless hours into shaping the history of archery. For nearly a century we've provided the highest quality archery products for customers while elevating the overall experience and sport. Unlike a compound bow, a traditional bow purchase is a hand-crafted investment that likely won't loose value like a compound bow. Likewise traditional archery is an investment in your own skill and perseverance. The instinctual element of traditional archery combined with skill creates one of the most addictive and enjoyable sports ever!

At Damon Howatt, we know that traditional archery is the most rewarding form of Archery and likely one of the most exciting sports of all time. We're excited for you to join this adventure as we continue to shape the history of traditional archery with the best traditional bows in the world!

Just ask anyone and they'll tell you, there's nothing like a Howatt bow!