#22003 Deep Green Independence RH 65# (52" AMO) Open-Box 8/10 With Actual Photos

Note: This bow has surface imperfections in the finish as seen in photos.  Priced accordingly.


  • Please check ALL photos carefully and the this product title for all the details for your purchase.  For example, a bow with 6-8/10 means there are surface blemishes in the finish or small visible surface issues such as scratches, imperfect finish imperfections, crackling etc.  These blemishes will be visible in photos, please check all for full purchase transparency.  If the title says “9/10” this means, it has only been opened and should in new condition without any major imperfections.
  • ALL photos on each listing are ACTUAL photos and you will receive the exact bow seen in the photos.
  • These bows are IN STOCK and will ship within 2-3 business days.
  • Each bow will include a custom 100% USA made full-flemish string AND a leather arrow rest made in the USA.
  • Many of these open box bows are some of the last that will EVER be made in this specific color variation and many will likely be considered rare since many of these were custom bows made from material which we cannot source anymore.
  • Each bow does NOT include a bow stringer, if you do not have a stringer, you MUST purchase a stringer from Amazon, eBay, our another location BEFORE attempting to string your bow.  Twisting your bow between your legs to string your bow is not recommended and will void your bow warranty.
  • Each bow is original Damon Howatt 100% Hand-Crafted in the USA.
  • The first 2 digits of the title serial number will indicate the year and the number of bow in that year.  For example if the bow says #24001, this will mean the bow was made in 2024, and was the first bow made.
  • Each bow will show as OUT OF STOCK once sold and will not be available again.
  • Please contact us if you need any questions.


This bow works and functions perfectly with a 1-YEAR Warranty for any manufacturer functional defects including breakage etc. This warranty ONLY is valid for properly stored and shot bows.  This warranty is not valid if you are not using the correct spine, brace height, or string it with your legs which could cause damage to the bow when fired.  For limb or bow breakage, we will require you to include the arrow you used to shoot the bow with the broken bow for exchange or repair.

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $415.00.

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